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Services marketplace where one can buy and sell services for a fixed price of Rs.199.
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199inr is a micro-employment site where professionals, freelancers and even home makers can offer their services for a fixed price of Rs.199. Now the biggest problem in purchasing services online is the missing trust between the two parties. 199inr fills that gap.

199inr protects buyers from fake sellers and sellers from fake buyers. The aim is to provide a micro-employment marketplace where people can sell and buy services without the fear of being cheated. Bad sellers and buyers make the environment less trustworthy and we make every attempt to identify and eliminate them.

Before getting listed gigs also go through manual screening process to ensure quality and sufficient value to the buyer. Our moderators weigh a gig against multiple quality criteria before allowing it to be published.

Though automated the selling process is designed to provide safety to buyers and sellers both. Buyers are required to make the payment beforehand at the time of placing the order. So sellers' efforts don't go unpaid even if buyer later on loses interest. On the other hand sellers are paid only once they have delivered the order to buyers' satisfaction. Buyers have the right to reject delivered work if it is not as advertised. They can also cancel delayed orders. Our moderators also look into instances where there a dispute arises and manual intervention is required.

Please check out 199inr @ http://199inr.com. Please also check how it works and our user protection policy to get more insights.