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Revolutionary concept to catalog and share your physical Books, DVDs, Video Games and Comics with people around you.
Services marketplace where one can buy and sell services for a fixed price of Rs.199.
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What is FlipShelf

FlipShelf is a social media platform that blends the power of social networking with a quick and easy media cataloging interface. Users at FlipShelf catalog and create personal libraries of their books, DVDs, video games and comics. Communities at FlipShelf represent physical entities like schools, colleges, businesses and neighborhoods. Users' libraries merge to create community library. Members of a community can search, borrow, sell, buy and exchange items with other members.
Check it out at http://www.flipshelf.com

The FlipShelf Effect

FlipShelf automates and facilitates the age old process of lending, borrowing and bartering of physical media. For example you may have a good collection of books and DVDs and you lend them to your friends on request. But more often than not you forget whom you lent a particular book to and then it becomes a pain to get it back. You don't like losing books from your collection but you do. On the other hand you don't and can't buy every DVD you watch or every book you read. Sometimes you do need to borrow them from your friends. FlipShelf solves both problems for you.

Now let's see the power of social networking aspect of FlipShelf. Say you work for ABC Corp which has some 200 employees on its payrolls and they are also members of ABC Corp community on FlipShelf. Say each member has on average 20 comics, 30 books, 25 DVDs and 15 video games in his catalog. As members of ABC corp community their libraries combine to form community library of ABC corp. And as a member of ABC corp community you now have access to 4000 comics, 6000 books, 5000 DVDs and 3000 video games available to you for borrowing, exchange or purchasing. This doesn't stop here, you could also be a member of the community for your locality, your kids would be members of the communities for their respective schools/colleges. Combine them all and see how many products you have access to without spending a dime on subscriptions